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1. UC News will provides you latest news updates and acts like daily newspaper in our daily life.

2. Over 25 different channels are offering by UC News for covering almost all news topics from world.

3. UC News also gives latest Funny News, Quotations etc.

4. Android/iPhone will get notified whenever any important news or update comes.

5. New feature of this UC News APK makes it one of the efficient application, that consumes very less data and even can be run in a slow network connection.

6. Smart News Reader feature enables the user to spend more time on the news and very little or less time in searching for a particular news.

7. You are also provided with amazing videos that never let you bore. The videos comes with a great mix of jokes, gossips and funny videos.

8. Offline reading mode helps you in read hindi articles or stories of your favourite channel without even connecting to Internet. With the help of this mode, readers can read their favourite news articles anytime and anywhere.

9. In the Recommended section you will find UC News Recommended news in Hindi of your interests.

10. With this app you can quickly scan the headlines of every news and deep dive into that news which you like, basically this app encourages seamless reading without any distractions.